A report from the World Bank has found trillions of dollars have been spent on subsidies for fossil fuels, agriculture and fishing that the bank says could be used to address climate change instead.

Extinction Rebellion demonstration in The Hague, Netherlands - 27 May 2023

A protester sits with a placard during the demonstration. Police used water cannon against Extinction Rebellion demonstrators and their supporters, in The Hague. This was the seventh time this section of the A12 on the Utrechtsebaan has seen similar protests and was banned by the municipally. Police used water cannon on low pressure in an attempt to disperse the demonstrations within minutes of them gathering. The protesters came ready with, umbrellas, protective clothing and, taking advantage of the warm spell; a few girls wore bikinis, and on more than one occasion, called on the police to use more water. The police had made 1579 arrests, in that number ten were minors, apparently, they travelled by bus with their parents or independently. 40 people were arrested for other criminal offenses, obstruction, vandalism, blocking a main road, and insulting the police. One person was arrested for resisting arrest resulting in injury. With the action, Extinction Rebellion opposes fossil subsidies and demand the government to stop subsidizing fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil. (Photo by Charles M Vella / SOPA Images/Sipa USA) Source: AAP / SOPA Images/Sipa USA

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Published 16 June 2023 5:32pm
By Aymen Baghdadi, Rayane Tamer
Presented by Aymen Baghdadi
Source: SBS News

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