Australian Government can stop 17 billion tons of CO2 from proposed mines that would account for 4% of the world’s remaining “carbon budget”

Coalwire (Bob Fulton): Australian Government faces decisions on a dozen new coal projects: Move Beyond Coal, a climate NGO, has revealed the recently elected Australian Government faces decisions on 29 coal mines, of which 13 are new projects and 16 are expansions of existing mines. The new Minister for Environment, Tanya Plibersek, also faces decisions on applications to protect Aboriginal Cultural Heritage sites from coal mining and, in Adani’s proposed North Galilee Water Scheme, to pipe 12.5 billion litres of water a year for the company’s Carmichael coal mine. The Labor Government was elected in May 2022. On election night, Prime Minister-elect Anthony Albanese declared, “together, we can end the climate wars.” Move Beyond Coal estimates that the total emissions from burning the coal in the 29 proposed coal projects could amount to 17 billion tons of carbon dioxide, about 35 times Australia’s annual emissions. (Bloomberg, Move Beyond Coal)

Mega-Polluting Coal Plans Clash With Australia’s Climate Goals

  • Dozens of new coal projects are being proposed by miners
  • Approval decisions to challenge PM Albanese’s green efforts
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