Greens to stand firm on stopping new coal and gas mines

Bandt says “there will be a fight over new coal and gas this year”, noting that the legislation needs Greens support and the safeguard mechanism rules are a “disallowable instrument” that can be struck out by the Senate.

Bandt says the Greens’ approach to negotiations in 2022 shows they “are prepared to compromise and pass laws that help us take even the smallest step on the road to tackling the climate emergency, as we did with Labor’s too-weak target”.

“We are open to negotiating in good faith with the government about the safeguard to ensure we get real cuts to pollution and not just hot air.”

Chubb has said he supports a UN expert group’s position that companies should prioritise absolute emissions cuts consistent with the goal of limiting global heating to 1.5C, and offsets should be used only “above and beyond” that.

“I don’t think a good outcome for Australia would be that there is no change in emitters’ behaviour and they just buy up offsets from somewhere,” he said.

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