How wind energy could power Earth … 18 times over

TED talk by Dan Jørgensen

Over the last two decades, the wind power industry has grown at a dizzying pace. (Fun fact: a single rotation from one of the world’s most powerful wind turbines can generate enough electricity to charge more than 1,400 cell phones.) Building off this exponential growth, Denmark’s climate minister Dan Jørgensen lays out his plan to end the country’s oil industry by 2050 and transition to a fossil-free future powered by wind energy.

Dan Jørgensen
Dan Jørgensen
Climate minister
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Dan Jørgensen is the Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities of Denmark, tasked with reducing the country’s emissions by 70 percent by 2030 and closing down its oil industry.

Dan Jørgensen’s resource list:

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