Hydrogen Part 4: What role will hydrogen play in our future?

What role will hydrogen play in our future?

Hydrogen is the energy du jour. It’s seen as a clean, smart alternative to fossil fuels, and major investments in its future are being made around the globe.

The problem is, almost all of the hydrogen currently produced isn’t green at all.

So, can hydrogen live up to its pollution-free promise? And where and when will it find its niche in the global energy mix.



Dr Fiona Beck – senior lecturer and researcher, Research School of Electrical, Energy and Materials Engineering, Australian National University

Dr Jessica Allen, Senior lecturer, Chemical and Renewable Energy Engineering, University of Newcastle

Andy Brown – Engineering Director, Progressive Energy

Gero Farruggio – Head of Australia and Global Renewables, Rystad Energy

Dr Linda Stalker – Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO

Duration: 29min 7sec

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