Imagine the future: post COVID

Artist: Brenna Quinlan

‘Toss that guilt aside and make change where you are’
– Brenna Quinlan

Brenna is a permaculture illustrator who uses her art as a form of activism. Her work tackles big topics like politics, over consumption and the climate crisis, but always with a focus on positive solutions. Viewing her work will make you want to jump up and do something to make a positive change!

Listen to hear more about:

  • The inspiring story of how Brenna found permaculture.

  • How illustrating the book RetroSuburbia launched Brenna’s illustration career.

  • Self-sufficiency vs community sufficiency.

  • The power of community to make us more resilient during difficult times.

  • How Brenna uses art as a form of activism.

  • How illustrations can make an issue more relatable and engaging, as well as lighten the weight of a heavy subject.

  • Brenna’s process for turning ideas into finished illustrations.

  • How nature journaling can be useful for observations in creating a permaculture design.

  • How to get children engaged through art, music literature.

To find out more about Brenna and her work, visit her website:

You can engage with Brenna’s art on Facebook and Instagram.

Follow the progress of Brenna and her partner while they build their eco home in Denmark, WA. Look for GrowDoIt on YouTubeFacebook and Instagram.

Please consider supporting Brenna’s work on Patreon. Your pledge helps her continue creating inspiring art which benefits people and the planet.

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