Juice media podcast with Simon Holmes à Court: voting to get a minority government to achieve climate action!

We need to talk about the 2022 Election | with Simon Holmes à Court

DECEMBER 20TH, 2021 | 54:36 | E27


Ep 27: In which I chat with Simon Holmes à Court about Hung Parliaments, Not-Shit Independents and how they can help end this shit-stained Government at the 2022 election.

Excerpt from Honest Government Ad (from Juice media)

“You might remember us from the last ad we made about preferential voting. We hope you haven’t watched it, because the last thing we want you to know is how to use it to vote for a not-shit candidate at the coming election. You know, one who isn’t owned by these guys, and who’ll fight for your kids’ future rather than theirs. Because if enough of you give your first preference vote to not-shit candidates, some of them might win some seats and become not-shit MPs. And ifthat happens, this election will end up With a hung Parliament.”


This is the podcast companion to our latest Honest Government Ad | Hung Parliament

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👉 You can follow Simon Holmes à Court here: twitter.com/simonahac
👉 You can find out more about the Climate200 here: climate200.com.au
👉 Or watch this short video explaining what they’re about.

✅ Find out more about the Not-Shit Candidates Simon mentions in the podcast:
🔹 Zoe Daniel in Goldstein
🔹 Sonja Semmens in Higgins
🔹 Monique Ryan in Kooyong
🔹 Sophie Scamps in Mackellar
🔹 Allegra Spender in Wentworth
🔹 Jo Dyer in Boothby
🔹 Penny Ackery in Hume
🔹 Rob Priestly in Nicholls
🔹 Kylea Tink in North Sydney
🔹 Suzie Holt in Groom
🔹 Zali Steggal in Warringah
🔹 Helen Haines in Indi
🔹 Rebekha Sharkie in Mayo

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