Pro climate minor parties – important for Climate Voters to know about.


There are quite a few! Don’t worry we’ve got your back and we have identified them in your electorate and state so they can get your climate vote. They include Fusion party, TNL and Reason party, Sustainable Australia and surprisingly Animal Justice Party and even the Australian Values party. In the senate there are even more including the new Democrats and various socialist parties, the Indigenous Aboriginal party, the Local Party and those ‘parties’ formed by savvy Climate 200 independents Rubinstein and Pocock. Without Vote Earth Now it can be hard to know which ones are pro-climate! As individuals they have in common that they entered politics for the right reasons.


Other than the Greens these seem to be looser groups of independent, community minded, science based candidates who are a realistic and credible option in terms of outlook , experience and prioritisation of the number one problem climate and number two political integrity.


Importantly they are determined to adopt science based climate targets (not just rhetoric) and a just transition which are essential to Australia seizing this opportunity to turn things around. They could be a force for great change on the cross bench or in the senate.


They are community backed and could get some surprising swings in electorates who have a problem with voting green, don’t have a Climate200 or ‘teal’ independent and are disenchanted and even angry with current standards of government.


In the house and the senate. In climate vulnerable electorates, many already suffering from the effects of climate change.


Maybe this election!

If they get a few MPs and senators in it will be a big step for Australian democracy. Even if they do not get up they will still send a strong signal to major parties about the direction democracy must go.

Thank you fossil fuel industry and major parties for galvanising so many quality caring people to enter politics!!!

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