By Dr Kate Wylie, in Climate Medicine

  1. VOTE EARTH NOW. Politicians have 10x the power of citizens to fight climate change. To give them the will we must directly threaten their jobs. Conversely promising your vote if they act empowers them to change government from within. Promise your vote to politicians who act now.
  2. ACT. Ask yourself what you can do to help? Maybe you can get involved with a local tree planting group. Maybe you’re good with finances and can help your friends divest. Maybe you have a new and novel idea that could make a positive change. Why not try it out? Sign petitions, write letters, visit politicians and attend protests.
  3. FINANCE. Divest your banking, super and insurance from institutions that support fossil fuels to those that don’t. Invest ethically and support businesses that are trying to do the right thing.
  4. TRANSPORT. Use public transport, walk or cycle whenever you can. Look at getting an electric car or a hybrid. Try not to fly.
  5. POWER. Switch to a renewable energy provider and turn off the gas. Buy panels and a battery if you can afford to.
  6. PLANT. Get in the garden, grow your own food and get involved with tree planting schemes. Trees use carbon dioxide to grow and are our best tool to reduce atmospheric carbon.
  7. LEARN for your climate. We all need to understand the problem. LOOK IT UP.  The Emissions Gap Report is a great place to start.
  8. WATER for your climate. Water is a precious resource. We can act to conserve water, with rain water tanks and urban design and we can support policies that prioritise peoples water needs over those of mining and water intensive crops.
  9. EAT for your climate. Eating more plants and less meat, eating locally sourced food and not wasting food can dramatically reduce our footprint. The Planetary Health Diet is designed to both limit warming and feed the planet.
  10. TALK. Talking to each other helps us learn and helps us network to create positive change.  Most Australians are concerned about climate change so we don’t need to be shy.

Adapted from the Climate Medicine website of Dr Kate Wylie

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