Zoe Daniel ex-journo to run as Independent for Melbourne electorate Goldstein

Photo: Former ABC journalist Zoe Daniel made the shock announcement on Twitter

Former ABC journalist Zoe Daniel to run at next federal election

A veteran ABC journalist has announced a shock career move that is guaranteed to raise eyebrows.


High-profile former ABC journalist Zoe Daniel has announced a tilt at politics.

Daniels will take on incumbent Liberal MP Tim Wilson in the blue ribbon Melbourne seat of Goldstein.

The former reporter worked in various roles including as a foreign correspondent in a journalism career spanning almost 30 years.

Daniel listed integrity in politics and climate change action among her key priorities.

“We deserve better, and we can no longer wait,” she said on Thursday.

Daniel is the latest in a group independent, female candidates who are aiming to oust Liberals’ in inner city seats, and will be supported by local community group Voices for Goldstein.

The Hampton resident worked most recently as the ABC’s US bureau chief based in Washington.

Having covered bushfires in Australia and California, the aftermath of super storms in Southeast Asia, hurricanes in the US and cyclones in the Pacific, she said she was deeply concerned the federal government wasn’t taking stronger action on climate change.

“I’ve been that reporter on your TV, delivering bad news – and it’s not fake,” she said.

“We the people of Goldstein can do something about it, if we use our voices, our votes and be independent.

“It’s what we do in the next three years that matters and your voice matters.”

Daniel has joined a small group of integrity and climate-focused female independent candidates contesting Liberal seats, including Allegra Spender in Wentworth and Kylea Tink in Warringah.

In response to the news, Mr Wilson, who has held the seat since 2016, said there were “single issue candidates” than run at every election.

“Each election there’s single issue candidates hoping they can get a hung parliament to create uncertainty and hold the nation hostage; this puppet candidate is no different and we know there’s shadowy Labor and Greens activists pulling the strings,” Mr Wilson said.

“Talk is cheap, it’s action that counts and my record of delivery is resolutely: stopping the retiree tax and the China Extradition Treaty, cutting taxes, exposing corruption in the superannuation sector, delivering marriage equality and now Australia’s first comprehensive economy-wide plan for carbon neutrality.”



Zoe Daniel
Ms Daniel will stand in the traditionally safe Liberal seat of Goldstein. Photo: Zoe Daniel

Zoe Daniel, former ABC journalist and TNDcolumnist runs against Liberal MP Tim Wilson

The New Daily:

Former ABC journalist Zoe Daniel will attempt to unseat Liberal MP Tim Wilson from his safe Melbourne seat of Goldstein.

Ms Daniel, who until recently was a regular contributor to The New Daily,will run as an independent against the assistant energy minister in the bayside seat at the election due by May.

“The next parliament is critical to the future of our children, our environment, our economy, and our planet now and for generations to come,” the former foreign correspondent said.

“As my 14-year-old son powerfully puts it: ‘you have a chance to do something for all of us, Mum’,” she added.

“If not now, when? If not me, who? Your vote is your voice.”
Former Liberal minister and Goldstein MP Ian Macphee endorsed Ms Daniel’s run.

“The time is long overdue for the Goldstein community to be represented by an MP who truly reflects their aspirations,” he said.

Mr Wilson won the seat by a margin of 7.8 per cent in 2019, but it has since been the subject of a redistribution.


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