Climate Action Score Views

Climate Action Score

Which (Federal) leaders are really doing

something about Climate Change?

  1. Science-based serious emissions reduction targets and net zero emissions date
  2. Protect flora and fauna
  3. Fossil fuels ‘just’ transition program
  4. Energy efficiency plan including clean energy export industry
  5. Agriculture and land management program
  6. Price on carbon and price on polluters
  7. Transport and industry program
  8. Independent Climate Change Commission with real watchdog powers
  9. ‘Have a go ya mug!’ - really using political position to get climate action

How do I know the scorecard is not politically biased?

  • Scores for each criteria are as objective as possible. They are sourced by examining the Federal parliamentary voting record in Hansard through the website
  • This voting record is subjected to the ‘pub test’ by our ‘brains trust’ of impartial science, business, environmental and political pundits to allocate the green, yellow and red dots.
  • The only truly subjective criteria is number 9: “Have a go ya mug” the traditional Aussie cry at a sporting contest when somebody doesn’t seem to be really trying.
  • Individual Labor, Liberal and Greens members are not separated from their party because 99.9% of the time, MPs vote with their party. If we ever identify that they have 'crossed the floor' and voted against their party on a climate-related vote, we can give them their own separate entry on the scorecard.
  • A point can be lost for harbouring climate-
    change deniers
  • A point can be lost for taking money from big coal and gas
  • Each domain is scored either
    GREEN - positive action to address climate change and protect the natural environment e.g. submitting or voting on a bill or motion,
    YELLOW - words or intermediate action e.g. a rational, realistic plan (if the politician has not had an opportunity to vote) or where voting has more often supported climate and environment related bills/motions, or
    RED - no action or bad action, election promises e.g. voting against climate and environment-related bills/motions or no real plan
  • Election promises that are the opposite of previous action get nothing - because that's what they’re worth!
  • ? = yet to make publicly clear policy position
  • Any political party or politician is welcome to submit evidence for their ‘words’ or ‘actions’ for the ‘pub test’ to see if they can up their score
  • This is how you would vote if the election was tomorrow to get maximum action on climate change. We will provide you with a guide for each electorate by the date of the election.

This website is fully functional. The climate scores have not been updated since the last Federal election but will be in the future. We are seeking funding to support this work going forward (both in Australia and globally) so if you know anyone who would be interested to fund Vote Earth Now please connect them to us.

Fewer than 1000 people decided the 2019 election.

We have the power to make politicians fight climate change for us: our votes. Join us and threaten to swing your vote as a Climate Voter to make them act!

The human race has a choice

The IPCC "Code Red for Humanity" report makes it clear we can choose the unthinkable future or we can act RIGHT NOW to save it for our kids. Do we choose life or mass extinctions?

Australians have a choice

All over the world other countries are charging ahead. We have the scientific know-how and industrial skills. Do we get left behind by the sustainable transformation or choose to benefit from leading it? 

You pledge to be a Climate Voter. We do the rest!

Politicians only act when their jobs depend on it. So Vote Earth Now is going to make their jobs depend on it.
At Vote Earth Now, you keep track of which politicians are taking the biggest climate action – voting on motions and enacting legislation. Not talking, doing.

You register your intent to vote on climate by sending an email (copied to you) notifying your local Member of Parliament. We will do the rest, showing politicians how many people are willing to swing on climate.



When politicians, particularly those in vulnerable electorates, see the wave of concerned Australians ready to turn against them, they will have no option but to act.

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Vote Once, Share Twice

If we all convince our friends and family to be climate voters we will have the power of our numbers to demand action

Be a Climate Voter to get action


Climate change is real
and is the number one problem facing life on earth.

Enough talk about climate change. Time to act!

We’re not here to talk about impending climate disaster. You’re here because you’re already aware of that. Over 90% of Australians want government action on climate change (Lowy Institute 2021). We’re here because while Australia ranks 193rd out of 193 countries in the world, our government doesn’t seem to care.

Government has 10 times the power to address climate change than private people and private enterprise (Bill Gates 2020). The answer is quite simple, to fix the climate, you must fix the government. We have the means to do just that. It's called Vote Earth Now.

Time to Act

Now, as a politician, your fate is tied to that of the planet: Time to Act

Vote Earth Now will be monitoring every action taken by our politicians. We will tell you who has a track record of action.

BE WARNED: You may have to change your vote to get action. Politicians want power. Political parties get into power by winning the marginal electorates.

We must show we will ‘swing’ these marginal electorates. Real leaders know we cannot wait for markets and private citizens to fix climate change. We must help those real leaders. We must make politicians understand that we need legislation now to give public and private enterprise the ability to change Australia and the world for the better – and we will vote with this as our number one priority.

Black and Green: We Stand With Life on Earth

Our purpose is to be the voice for both people and animals. The colours we have chosen for Vote Earth Now represent this. Black, for mourning the unnecessary death of billions of native animals. Green, for being the green light for political climate action, the regeneration of our earth and a prosperous carbon neutral future.

Black and Green We Stand With Life on Earth
Warming Strips

Climate change is the most urgent issue facing humanity today. Climate change and its impact is real and it’s up to us to fix it

The consequences of climate change are already here and are getting increasingly more urgent. The link between human production of carbon dioxide and climate change is irrefutable. And Australia is high on the list – the canary in the poisonous coal mine. From destroying the Great Barrier Reef to the bushfires killing nearly 3 billion animals, we need to do better – now!


Australia is a first world country with an abundance of renewable resources – we could lead the way!

We should be showing the world how to implement large-scale solutions, such as solar power, wind farms and renewable energy. Instead, we are the pariahs of the global community – doing the absolute minimum under the Paris Climate Agreement and ‘shooting ourselves in the foot’ by missing opportunities to invest early in carbon neutral industries.

We should:

  • Strengthen the economy by prioritising climate change.
  • Increase renewable energy production by proven methods: solar, wind, pumped hydro, battery storage, hydrogen production and export.
  • Reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and provide fossil fuel workers with a future by retraining them – a ‘just’ transition.
  • Stop subsidising fossil fuels and stop taxing renewables
  • Take steps to protect our native animals

We should be proud of and protect our beautiful country – not continue using up its resources to increase the profits of a handful of billionaires and prop up doomed industries.


Pledge Your Vote For Action!

Together, by declaring ourselves Climate Voters, we can demand action

Politicians want reassurance that if they actually act it will win them votes and elections: Let’s give it to them!

We must make politicians understand not only that we want legislation that will give public and private enterprise certainty to change Australia and the world for the better, but that we will vote them in based on this as our number one priority. By making Vote Earth Now go viral we can make our vote tally grow into big numbers and get the attention of politicians, giving them reassurance that if they actually act it will win them votes and elections.

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