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Vote Earth Now is an unbiased, non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation to fight climate change in the most powerful way we can as citizens of a democracy. 

We educate and empower you to use your future vote to encourage political action now.

We are all volunteers and from all walks of life - we try to be completely politically independent. We are fiercely committed to fighting climate change and to saving all forms of life on this planet. Even politicans! Find out about us below.

Vote Earth Now :

Use your Power

"Come and join us at Vote Earth Now. Promise your vote to politicians who act on climate change"

- Associate Professor Rob Eisenberg
Founder of Vote Earth Now

Vote Earth Now :

Use your Power

"I know politicians. Promise them your vote and they’ll do what you ask. It worked for us in the ‘70s ""

- Blanche D’Alpuget
Feminist, author and wife of 25 years to former Prime Minister Bob Hawke

Vote Earth Now :

Swing for Climate

"We can’t wait any longer. Australia must play its role as part of this world"

- Maestro Richard Tognetti
Virtuoso Violinist

Vote Earth Now :

Use your Power

"The writing is on the wall for fossil fuels. Don’t believe the pollies who say the mines will look after you and your community. Instead promise your vote to politicians who take action to diversify now."

- Rodney "Rocket" Linkson
Coal miner

Vote Earth Now :

Swing for Climate

"This is something we can do together: it's not about putting a vote in one political party. It's about putting your hand up and saying 'we believe in climate change and we want to do something about it for our children and our children's children"

- Professor Kelvin Kong
First Aboriginal surgeon

Vote Earth Now :

Use your Power

"… its only a few clicks away. Let's move as a collective and make change ..."

- Craig Anderson
Pro-surfer and soul-surfer

Vote Earth Now :

Swing for Climate

"I believe we now have the way to let the powers that be know we are mad as hell. Please register your vote with Vote Earth Now”

- Jack McCoy
Filmmaker and grandfather

What voters are saying

Fahimah Badrulhisham

climate election, let’s go!

Lynette Sinclair

Great to see this website that is a focus on action for climate change through local Political Reps and not party politics.

Jane Aitken

Let’s show politicians and the Murdoch media that climate change is by far the biggest issue voters will be concerned with at the next election!

Jane Bulter

If you want to stay in power You need to take action to stop climate change.

Carol Khan

We are all that stands between terminal climate change and the vulnerable. We are all that stands between the corrupt, greedy and murderous who vomit up their distain for humanity in the sacred halls of our own offices of leadership. They must leave and let us get on with the business of repairing the damage […]

Ken Gray

We need a Government that Believes this is real and not taking money from mining

Anneliese Alexander

I’m voting for my childrens future

Lorraine Bridger

Strike one For people power!!! Democracy might prevail outside the current cronyism that faces the Political parties. Both Coalition and Labour when it comes to climate change. Charge to the ballot box!!!!

Jennifer Martin

Our federal politicians Are Afraid to make action on climate change a major election issue. This is a great way for Us to put pressure on them to act.

Anne Miller

We need to act locally now for the earth. Our only home. Vote Earth Will tell your local MP no vote unless climate change is priority- no more lining fossil fuel pockets with $ at the expense of earth! Every election: earth and the right of all beings, including Earth, to a healthy, secure, loving […]

Jim Baird

I often look at the places I’ve known all my life and see how much they’ve changed from when I was a kid. I also wonder what these places will look like when my grandkids are my age.

Barbara McNiff

If they want my vote they better act now

rowan huxtable

We are in one on the wealthiest countries in the world. we have the right to vote. So lets VOTE to get our country to do the right thin.

Mike Forrester

The climate Emergency is the public health opportunity and urgent priority of the 21st century

Sue Cooke

Vote earth this time!

Oriana Tolo

Our federal govt is an International climate Embarrassment – its about time they stepped up

Ava Bell

I am only 9 but I already care

Niall McKay

From New Lambton Uniting Church – Caring for our world is a moral imperative.

Rosalie White

No time to waste Now or Never My vote is for NOW

Vanessa Norimi

We are fighting to rescue our kids’ future from those who seek to steal it from them for political gain- Mums and Dads of Australia have had enough!

Neil Price

Current government is not representing the opinion of the majority of Australian to meet and achieve a climate change objective that offers future generations a world that is not impaired by a global warming that currently is not under control.

Susie Burke

I only vote for people who will take urgent action to restore a safe climate

Silvia Anderson

Thank you for this great resource. I was feeling helpless. Even this small step feels like a step in the right direction.

Dan Chicos

If political parties continue receiving political donations, we will rarely have politicians working for the benefit of society. Politicians are corrupt because of the money and power they receive. Politicians should have only a decent annual salary paid by their employer, the Australian taxpayers. ‘Small’ people won’t be interested anymore to become politicians since they […]

Bob Pearce

We need actions not words we need honest democratic govt We need a pm that is not a known liar

Edan Clarke

We want carbon free energy!

Beaver Hudson

Feels good to be taking a voter action step

John Paul Posada

Great Initiative. Let’s Hold elected officials Accountable to their bosses, us!

Daniel Johnson

Close down all coal mines and Do not mine gas . Make these Companies restore the land filling holes and planting millions of trees at their expense

Kerry Lillian

Save our world , Life & health before profits.

About our founder

As a professor of medicine, I rely on and trust science, and as a surfer and proud Australian, I value the beauty and power of nature. The last 4 federal elections I’ve voted for 4 different parties. It was only the last election that I voted on climate. Now I realise this is it. This is the climate election and I’m worried this opportunity will be lost before my daughters even get a chance to vote.

I’ve been totally appalled by the government’s lack of action on climate change. However, if they set an ambitious target better than Paris, enacted policy that enabled a just transition to renewables and set up an independent climate action body with real teeth I would vote for them tomorrow. I would do anything in my power to make sure every other person voted for them too.

VIDEO: How did this come about

About The Founder

Dream Team

Adam Lance ideas
Adam Lance - Ideas

ideas and riding waves

christopher bloom project direction
Christopher Bloom - Project direction

project direction and mountains

ian bennett advertising
Ian Bennett - Advertising

Innovation and digital transformation

mike breakspear mugshot
Prof Michael Breakspear - Science

leading neuroscientist and author of the climate change Breaksblog

Brains Trust

mani berghout doctor and ecologist
Dr Mani Berghout

doctor and ecologist

Libby Freihaut doctor, ocean swimmer, bush walker
Dr Libby Freihaut

doctor, ocean swimmer, bush walker

anonymous climate scientist

climate scientist

lawrence dadd psychiatrist and kayaker
Dr Lawrence Dadd

psychiatrist and kayaker

kyle roddenby artist and businessman
Kyle Roddenby

artist and businessman

Justin Bowra emergency doctor, tree hugger and concerned dad JPG
Dr Justin Bowra

emergency doctor, tree hugger and concerned dad

jacquie svenson lawyer and environmentalist
Jacquie Svenson

lawyer and environmentalist

derek charge lawyer and classic cars
Derek Charge

lawyer and classic cars

max henriette engineer and musician
Max Henriette

engineer and musician

jason elsley
Jason Elsley

architect and swimmer

Our Mission

Our Mission: let the politicans know we are all watching

We can provide a platform for our voices before the election by using the carrot and stick of our pledged votes. Vote Earth Now monitors which politicans are really acting on climate change so your future vote can get action now.

With the collective power of our pledged votes, we can swing marginal seats, and we can show ‘leaders’ how to get real ‘followers’. If they take action on what matters, they have our votes. If they don’t … they will be voted out.

Become a Climate Voter to let them know you will vote for proven action on climate change.

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