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How to apply a Vote Earth Now socials frame to your social media profile in just 1 minute:

1. click on the frame of your choice on our Resources page

2. follow the instructions on

3. upload as your social media profile picture

Congrats - all done! 😁


How to apply a Vote Earth Now logo or badge to your email and/or promo media:

1. click 'Download Now' (below image)

2. on device click save image

3. for email: go to settings

4. go to mail preferences

5. open signatures

6. add the image - you can often just drag and drop

Congrats you are ready to spread the word 😁


How to download a Vote Earth Now flyer:

1. click download now

2. save as a file on your computer

3. print in A5 size on a colour printer

4. laminate for best results

5. display proudly in a prominent place!



How to download a Vote Earth Now poster:

1. download the poster of your choice from our Resources page

2. print in A3 or A2 size on a colour printer

3. for best results laminate your poster - officeworks provide this quite cheaply

4. choose a display location where people tend to mill around eg a waiting room!

Congrats you have your poster ready to display prominently 😁

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