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Inspiring documentary: need a ‘shot in the arm’ of hope? watch trailer by Madman films buy film from Madman films

What role will Tiktok play in the Australian federal election 2022?

1. see Vote Earth Now tiktok! 2. TripleJ Hack: Can TikTok memes influence an election? Image: Getty Images/Ange McCormack, triple j As the federal election looms next year, a new cohort of politically-engaged young people are turning Tiktok’s signature trends into some serious (and not so serious) Auspol content. But what if the posts you’ve […]

Photo of Al Stine in his studio by Jennifer Crossley Howard. Image: from FROM MIKE LYCH CARTOONS: Monday, February 04, 2013 Al Stine 1920-2013 Painter and Playboy cartoonist Al Stine died on January 25, 2013 at the Hospice House in Anderson, SC. He was 92.  Although no cause of death was given, Mr. Stine […]

‘Cause for celebration’: Koala habitat purchased to help protect threatened species

Photo: Almost 200 hectares of bushland on the NSW coast has been secured to help restore koala numbers. Source: AAP Source: AAP – SBS Published 17 December 2021 at 6:00pm The NSW government and Koala Conservation Australia have purchased almost 200 hectares of koala habitat to help double the species’ population by 2050. Almost 200 […]


from the Breakspear_Blog published December 2018 7. Action to arrest further climate change [return to Climate Primer main page] In the public domain, some of those accepting the science of man-made climate change question the feasibility of action based on the perceived economic cost of transitioning away from burning fossil fuels for energy and transport. This […]

Carbon prices rising means business is ready to transition.

1. Australia’s de facto carbon price surges to $47, on way to $60 2. Why high carbon offset prices spell trouble for Morrison’s flagship emissions policy Sophie Vorrath 20 December 2021 2 Renew Economy Vegetation projects make up the vast majority of carbon abatement achieved under the Emissions Reduction Fund. A surge in demand for […]

Australia at maximum population unless we can reduce our consumption

As politicians shy away from the debate, it is clear that a national population policy would help Victoria understand the crucial role of its forests. (Image: Forests Victoria)(Image: Unsplash) Economic planners do not reckon with climate crisis bearing down on us David Shearman Dr David Shearman AM PhD FRACP FRCPE, Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University […]

Vote Earth Now signatory to Healthy Climate Letter of Global Health and Climate Alliance

Global Climate and Health Alliance VIDEO Why World Leaders Must Take Climate Action to Protect our Health This short two-minute mixed media film includes testimonies and calls to action from 25 health workers from around the world, who have borne witness to climate-related health impacts on their patients. The video’s conclusions take the form of […]

Liberals upset that independents are not being bankrolled by their fossil fuel billionaires rather than asking themselves why Australians feel failed by the major parties.

Opinion Piece SMH Luke Nanya Former deputy campaign director for NSW Liberals Original title: Independents don’t deserve a free pass into parliament. At the last federal election in 2019, one in four Australians cast a first-preference vote for a minor party or independent. Over the past decade, this number has gradually climbed as voters slowly […]

Great Newsletter from Northern NSW

Brunswick Valley Landcare Newsletter Dec 2021 Image: NSW Christmas Bush Ceratopetalum gummiferum R Meredith The Forest by Judith Wright contribution Diane Hart When I first knew this forest it’s flowers were strange. Their different forms and faces changed with the seasons’ change- white violets smudged with purple the wild-ginger spray, ground orchids small and single […]

Deadly Narrabeen storm and Eyewitness to climate change: Nick Moir spectacular images

The photographer stopping for an active storm off the Sydney coastline in October, 2021.CREDIT:NICK MOIR Deadly Sydney storm. Photo: James Brickwood The storm left one person dead in Narrabeen after trees and powerlines fell as wind speeds reached 130km/h. With a warming climate driving weather to new extremes, the Herald’s chief photographer Nick Moir spent […]

Political fear-mongering greatest threat to humanity

The Saturday Post DECEMBER 18, 2021 – JANUARY 7, 2022  |  No. 380 According to a new book by Labor frontbencher Andrew Leigh, humanity has a one-in-six chance of ending in the next hundred years. The biggest threats are not the ones he expected. By Mike Seccombe. Image: Federal Labor MP Andrew Leigh. CREDIT: MICHAEL […]

Ocean lovers win! PEP-11 canned. We CAN do it.

“Watching the power of our coastal communities come together to voice their disapproval has been simply amazing, this is the true meaning of people power” From Surfrider Foundation Australia: We’ve done it, we STOPPED PEP11!! The tireless work from our coastal communities has finally paid off, with the government announcing this week that due to […]

CSIRO study proves climate change driving Australia’s 800% boom in bushfires

Headline above from Mike Foley and SMH (see below) CSIRO finds climate change greatest factor behind worsening bushfire problem THEAUSTRALIAN.COM.AU00:39 CSIRO report: Climate change fuelling mega bushfires The “overwhelming” factor behind the worsening fires was climate change, CSIRO said. Photo by Brett Hemmings/Getty Images) ANTON NILSSON STATE POLITICS REPORTER NCA NEWSWIRE 12:46PM NOVEMBER 27, 2021 […]

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Photograph: Mark Evans/Getty Images from the Guardian

Electric plane is fastest!

Photo: John M Dibbs for Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce Claims Its All-Electric Plane With the Clunky Name Is the World’s Fastest The “Spirit of Innovation” reached a maximum speed of 387.4 mph (623 km/h) during its flight tests this past week. By Gizmodo Jody Serrano 11/21/21 11:10PM Comments (28) Alerts Rolls-Royce has announced that its all-electric plane, […]

Imagine the future: Green Transport, EVs. Thankyou Greenpeace!

image: Pat Whelan , Unsplash From: Climate Solutions by Greenpeace Greener Transport Reducing road-based transport emissions will require a range of solutions, such as mandatory greenhouse gas emission standards, an increased uptake of electric vehicles, investment in EV charging infrastructure as well as in sustainable public transport powered by electric buses, light rail and trains. […]

AGL demonstrating the opposite of a ‘just’ transition. The longer we delay diversfication the worse and more frequent the injustice to workers.

Image: Operator AGL owns coal-fired power stations across the country, including Loy Yang A in the Latrobe Valley. (ABC Gippsland: Kellie Lazzaro) Australia’s largest coal-fired power operator sheds staff before looming demerger ABC Gippsland By Rio Davis and Emma Field Posted Wed 1 Dec 2021 at 1:27pm Australia’s largest electricity company is slashing its coal and gas […]

Pork barrelling: bribing voters to win a marginal seat in the lead up to an election. Please make it stop!

The shameless pork-barrellers have normalised political graft David Crowe SMH December 10, 2021 Chief political correspondent There is nothing like the prospect of an election to encourage politicians to throw out old standards about the handling of public money. And there is nothing like a tough fight for a prize seat to encourage them to […]

Bogong moth in perilous trouble due to climate change. Mountain pygmy possums are starving because of it.

Image: Billions of Bogong moths normally line the walls of alpine caves during summer but numbers have plummeted due to a range of environmental factors.(Supplied: Dean Heinz) ‘Canary in coal mine’: Bogong moth added to world’s most threatened species By Laura Chung December 10, 2021 — 12.01am The Age Millions of bogong moths migrate thousands […]

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