Why Tanzania needs tougher steps to combat climate change effects

Back-to-back droughts have left thousands of livestock in Wajir County, northern Kenya dead pushing families dependent on meat, milk, and sale of animals closer and closer to catastrophic hunger. PHOTO | FILE By The Citizen Reporter Wednesday, January 25, 2023 Mwananchi Communication Limited The Citizen Summary The need for creative thinking, widespread cooperation and radical climate […]

Financing 1.5°C: Six Trends to Watch in 2023

Image: rmi.org We expect six key trends to inform financial institutions’ climate strategy design, implementation, and reporting this year. January 19, 2023 rmi.org By  Elizabeth Harnett,  Ella Warshauer The 2020s have been termed the “decisive decade” for climate change. As we enter the fourth year, what should the climate finance space focus on in 2023? […]

“Greener and cheaper:” Deakin Uni extract silicon from solar panels to make batteries

Source: Deakin University. Joshua S Hill 23 January 2023 Renew Economy In a landmark discovery that helps to solve two long-term challenges in the clean energy transition, researchers at Australia’s Deakin University have developed a new process to extract silicon from solar panels for use in building better batteries. Scientists from Deakin University’s Institute for […]

Carbon pricing will work – but there’s a long way to go and Australia is dragging the chain

The world’s carbon price is a fraction of what we need – because only a fifth of global emissions are priced January 24, 2023 The Conversation Bei Cui Research fellow, Monash University Nga Pham. CFA Senior Research Fellow, Monash University Ummul Ruthbah Senior Research Fellow At the end of last year, the world’s average price to […]

Environmental ethics, the law and the EPBC act

Image: Juukan Gorge. PKKP and PKKP Aboriginal Corporation/AAP How can the law account for the value of natural places? Published: January 12, 2023 Nanda Jarosz Research officer, University of Sydney In November 2022, the Australian government made a commitment to legislate new protections of Indigenous heritage sites. The decision was made in response to recommendations passed […]

Swiss host World Economic Forum whilst far-right try to block climate action.

Swiss People’s Party (SVP) newly elected President Marco Chiesa delivers a speech during a party meeting in Brugg Windisch, Switzerland August 22, 2020. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann – RC21JI9K5T0X January 9, 20237:25 PM GMT+3Last Updated 6 days ago Swiss right-wing party to call referendum in bid to block climate change law Reuters Reporting by John Stonestreet; editing […]

Three issues will decide if Labor’s climate policy is a success – what the government does next is key

Image: Climate council By Adam Morton in The Guardian Carbon credits are about to play a central role in Australia’s climate response ‘There is also a broader issue: how much should Australia be relying on carbon credits at all? The reality is they can’t do all that is promised.’ Photograph: Asanka Ratnayake/Getty Images Sat 14 […]

6 reasons 2023 could be a very good year for climate action

Published in The Conversation: January 13, 2023 6.17am AEDT Author: Wesley Morgan Research Fellow, Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University Many people think of the annual UN climate talks as talkfests which achieve only incremental change, at best. Activist Greta Thunberg has described them as “blah blah blah” moments – grossly inadequate and too often hijacked […]

Exxon Mobil predicted global warming with ‘astonishing accuracy’ while publicly denying climate change, report finds

Image from www.science.org: Historically observed temperature change (red) and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration (blue) over time, compared against global warming projections reported by ExxonMobil scientists. (A) “Proprietary” 1982 Exxon-modeled projections. (B) Summary of projections in seven internal company memos and five peer-reviewed publications between 1977 and 2003 (gray lines). (C) A 1977 internally reported graph […]

World Economic Forum: climate change is the global economy’s most significant longterm challenge

With the annual World Economic Forum set to meet in Davos, a new report indicates climate change tops the list of long term global economic challenges. LISTEN TO SBS News PODCAST   Police officers detain an anti mining and coal activist at the village of Luetzerath, Germany Source: AAP / RONALD WITTEK/EPA

Reduce consumption, or face reality of civilisational collapse

By Mark Diesendorf Jan 11, 2023 in Pearls and Irritations An important debate is developing in Pearls and Irritations on the need to reduce consumption. In his article “Labor’s Environmental Denialism”, Stephen Williams acknowledged several positive steps being taken by the Labor government to help protect the environment, and then argued that Labor was failing […]

Thermal drones locating elusive northern NSW koalas in area scorched by bushfires

Heat sensing drones are helping to locate koalas on NSW’s far north coast.(Supplied: University of Sunshine Coast) ABC North Coast By Bronwyn Herbert Posted Yesterday at 9:09am, updated 23h ago23 hours ago Thermal drones are being hailed as “game changers” by ecologists searching for koala populations after a surprise discovery in north-east New South Wales. Key points: Researchers […]

Anti-protest laws show democracy needs to do better at fighting climate change.

Protesters at the Lumbardhi i Deçanit river speaking out against environmental destruction in 2019 (Screenshot via YouTube) Activists fight back after being SLAPPed with lawfare tactics By DeSmog Blog | 6 January 2023, 11:00am The use of Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation to intimidate campaigners is a global trend, but activists are taking a stand, […]

Europe’s Plan to Become the First Climate-Neutral Continent

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PHOTOGRAPH: GETTY IMAGES MORGAN MEAKER SCIENCE Wired JAN 6, 2023 7:00 AM From retrofitting buildings to rethinking farming, electrifying transport, and prioritizing reforestation, the EU is chasing net zero. THE EUROPEAN UNION is sick of talking about climate change; now it wants to act. The world’s second-largest economy is attempting to become the first climate neutral […]

3 climate takeaways from the GOP speaker meltdown

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Image: Speaker-designate Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is shown speaking to reporters Wednesday in the Capitol. His troubled fight to become the next House speaker has added more uncertainty to future U.S. climate policy. Francis Chung/POLITICO By Adam Aton, Scott Waldman | 01/05/2023 06:34 AM EST From E+E news, Climate Wire The Republican brawl over whom to […]

Climate Enforcers Need Hard Evidence.

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PHOTOGRAPH: MARIA LAX WIRED UK magazine Jan 2023 Friederike Otto Has It World Weather Attribution ties disasters and extreme conditions to climate change—providing crucial leverage for legal and policy battles. ON JULY 19, 2022, the UK experienced a taste of the weather to come. Temperatures reached 40.3 degrees Celsius—soaring past the previous record by more […]

FOGO food waste bins coming to Oz

Image: Recycle right WA FOGO = food organics and garden organics Despite government delays, food waste recycling bins are coming to your kitchen sooner than you think from the Conversation by Professor William Clarke December 16, 2022 Only 24% of local councils in Australia separately collect household food organics and garden organics (FOGO) waste. Another 16% […]

We need to strengthen the safeguard mechanism to curb the Dirty Dozen.

Image: The Dirty Dozen. Climate Council  “On a per person basis, Australia is the most polluting nation in the developed world – even before considering the impact of our globally significant fossil fuel exports.” Meet the ‘Dirty Dozen’: Australia’s 12 biggest fossil fuel polluters– and our new campaign to name and shame them into making […]

Win for common sense: Electricity generated by burning native Australian timber no longer classified as renewable energy.

Image: from Vote Earth Now 2 minute actions. In case you were wondering – your submissions worked! From the Guardian Fri 16 Dec 2022 09.50 AEDT Labor revokes Abbott government move which allowed energy from burning wood waste to be counted with solar and wind Environment groups had been concerned that allowing energy generated from […]

EU strikes deal on world-first carbon border tariff

December 13, 20226:19 PM GMT+11 Reuters By Kate Abnett Smoke and steam billow from Belchatow Power Station, Europe’s largest coal-fired power plant, near Belchatow, Poland. Picture taken November 28, 2018. REUTERS/Kacper Pempel/File Photo BRUSSELS, Dec 13 (Reuters) – After all-night negotiations, the European Union struck a political deal on Tuesday to impose a carbon dioxide […]

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