I want my vote to count for nature: how do the major parties stack up?

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The Conversation.com Published: May 16, 2022 3.33pm AEST Authors Sarah Bekessy Professor in Sustainability and Urban Planning, Leader, Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group (ICON Science), RMIT University Brendan Wintle Professor in Conservation Ecology, School of Ecosystem and Forest Science, The University of Melbourne The animals and plants at risk of extinction finally made it onto […]

Why major parties should not have the balance of power

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(Cartoon by Mark David | @MDavidCartoons) Independents may be our only shot at helping the environment By Gerry Georgatos | 15 May 2022, 4:00pm | 13 comments | From Independent Australia .net Our governments should be ashamed of decades of neglect in scaling back carbon and methane emissions. In the upcoming Federal Election, we must […]

Greens will negotiate with climate as 1st priority in the event of hung parliament

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WATCH VOTE EARTH NOW’s ROB EISENBERG INTERVIEW DAVID SHOEBRIDGE Adam Bandt reveals Greens’ wish list for Labor in event of hung parliament The Greens have firmed up their wishlist for the likely event Labor comes looking for a deal should they fail to form a majority government. Ellen Ransley @RansleyEllen 2 min read May 16, […]

Andrew WIlkie MP Tasmania tells how independents can get government climate action.

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Interview with Kylea Tink independent candidate for North Sydney

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New community-climate200-backed independent candidate Sophie Scamps a safe bet for climate.


International leader asks voting Australians to fix our politicians.

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Image: Wikipedia Floods, fires, coral bleaching: Politicians leading the country to climate catastrophe Christiana Figueres International Climate change leader May 13, 2022 — 11.45am Christiana Figueres was the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (2010 to 2016) and oversaw the delivery of the Paris Agreement. She is the co-founder of Global […]

What the hell are we waiting for?!

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Australia has critical minerals for electric vehicles, so isn’t it time for a domestic industry? ABC Western Plains / By Hannah Jose Posted Yesterday at 2:46pm, updated Yesterday at 4:33pm Electric vehicle and component manufacturing is one way Australia could move up the value chain to take full advantage of our critical minerals.(ABC: Ben Deacon) As governments across […]

The 1 minute ‘HOW TO’ video to share to friends and family so they can vote climate!

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click for video: how to Vote Earth Now PRE-POLLING HAS BEGUN! Now is the time to share this short video with the message “Use voteearthnow.com to preference the planet. It really makes your vote count!” Thanks everyone – share and share again. We can’t do it alone. PS you can also find the ‘how to […]

We need to talk about climate AKA How to help your elders realise this time they must vote climate,.. for your future!

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Start by asking “how has climate change affected you ?”  Then listen. It’s great that you’re aware of the urgency of climate change. But without some help from the older generations we could be stuck with the same kind of government that’s helped keep us on this road to catastrophe. So start by asking them. […]

How the Vote Earth Now scorecard helps you vote with power for climate in your electorate and state senate

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Our rankings are based on our opinion of the likelihood of the candidate achieving climate action if elected. There is a combination of detailed hard data and ‘Brains trust’ assessment of whether the action or promise passes the pub test. Our Electorate scorecard is based on: Climate Action Score (CAS)- dark green. 9 criteria, explained […]

Pro climate minor parties – important for Climate Voters to know about.

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Who? There are quite a few! Don’t worry we’ve got your back and we have identified them in your electorate and state so they can get your climate vote. They include Fusion party, TNL and Reason party, Sustainable Australia and surprisingly Animal Justice Party and even the Australian Values party. In the senate there are […]

7 Ways to Manage Climate Anxiety

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Linnea Harris Apr 17, 2022 7:00AM EDTHEALTH + WELLNESS Activists from Extinction Rebellion stage a sit-in along Regent Street on the first day of a week long wave of protests and civil disobedience actions to demand an immediate stop to all new fossil fuel infrastructure on April 9 in London. Wiktor Szymanowicz / Future Publishing […]

Floods and inundation: these voters with uninsurable properties know the reality of climate change

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Affected voters realise climate change is causing increasing catastrophic flooding, as well as sea level rise threatening coastal communities with inundation. Unprecedented storms and floods in Queensland. Rampant coastal inundation in WA   Amid net-zero infighting, Australia is on track for the world’s biggest increase in cyclone victims Australians are set to experience the biggest […]

Work out the climate change risk to your home: new Climate Council map shows you.

Image: Australia’s most marginal electorate. Macquarie. Only requires 186 voters to change their vote to swing. calculate my climate risk Knowledge is power. With this knowledge would you use the power of your vote and those of your family and friends for a fossil fuel backed party that has a record of not taking climate […]

Postal voting using Vote Earth Now

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This year’s federal election will be the nation’s first during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s already thought things will look very different. Postal and early voting is set to surge, with people keen to avoid long lines at polling places on election day. You can apply for a postal vote if you can’t (or dont […]

We need the voices of migrants: voteearthnow.com ‘change language’ option

If you know non-English speaking Aussies who care about climate change let them know about voteearthnow.com. The ‘change language’ option allows translation of all voting and educational information into their native tongue. Try it now! Planting seeds of change Migrants are no strangers to adaptation, as making a new home is no small feat. But […]

How a pro-climate community backed independent is bang for your Climate Vote buck.

The great news this election is that you don’t have to do a protest vote. Why? Because so many people have been touched by the climate crisis AND so many seats are marginal – that is , on a knife’s edge – that just a couple more independents and greens winning will force the major […]

Independents’ day is coming

Image: Daily Telegraph The Battle for Sydney’s Northern Beaches Climate conscious independent MP Zali Steggall’s excellent record on climate change, combined with strong community support, could help new independent Sophie Scamps catapult past fossil fuel backed Libs. And the formula of campaigning for climate action and political integrity is being replicated around the country. Image […]

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