75% of Aussies ‘concerned’ about climate change, 80% want climate considered before fossil fuel project approval

Image: The number of people “very concerned” about climate change continues to increase, according to the report.(Supplied: Australia Institute) Report shows growing number of Australians believe climate change effects already being felt By regional climate reporter Jess Davis Posted Thu 3 Nov 2022 ABC news Over the past 15 years, Australians have weathered myriad climate-related disasters including […]

Australia should step up and commit to loss and damage finance at COP27.

Graph: Emissions trajectories (blue) compared to damage trajectories (red) from the year 2000 to 2075. From Greenpeace Pacific report. Note that damage continues to rise exponentially despite ceasing emissions. (Ed)   Excerpts From Greenpeace Pacific report WHAT ARE THE SOLUTIONS? INNOVATIVE FINANCE FOR LOSS AND DAMAGE To enable a funding mechanism to deliver new, additional, […]

COP27: the “COP of the vulnerables” where nations like Australia need to act responsibly and equitably.

CLIMATE ACTION NETWORK (INTERNATIONAL) BRIEFING PAPER FOR COP 27 From Glen Klatovsky CEO Climate Action Network Australia in Egypt The key elements from an Australian perspective include: addressing climate-induced Loss and Damage, including establishing a dedicated L&D Finance Facility, something the Australian government currently seems to oppose; significant outcomes are required on adaptation finance and […]

Postcards from COP 27 part 3

Image: Vecteezy. COP27 is meeting on the land of a fallen civilisation. (Ed) Below excerpt from an email by Glen Klatovsky CEO of Climate Action Network Australia at COP27 Loss and Damage In negotiations over L&D, developing and vulnerable blocs are aligned and their agenda here at COP27is that Parties: must acknowledge there is no […]

Does the world need a non-proliferation treaty for fossil fuels?

At COP27, the EU is pushing a vote to make oil and gas as repugnant as nuclear weapons Anthropocene magazine Nov 3 2022 Mark Harris You can’t accuse Europe of not taking climate change seriously. Last month, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling for a Fossil Fuels Non-Proliferation Treaty. The EU wants nation states to […]

IMF chief urges nations to adopt $US75-a-tonne carbon price by 2030

The New Daily Simon Jessop, Seham Eloraby and Valerie Volcovici Seham Eloraby and Valerie Volcovici 10:10pm, Nov 7 The price of carbon needs to average at least $US75 ($115) a tonne globally by the end of the decade for global climate goals to succeed, the head of the International Monetary Fund says. Speaking on the […]

Climate change deadlier than cancer in parts of the world, UN warns

Image: Additional deaths in parts of Bangladesh under a high emissions scenario compared to current death rates from cancer and road injuries (Climate Impact Lab and UNDP) Hot countries could see death rates skyrocket over the coming decades if the world doesn’t limit future climate change Ethan Freedman Climate Reporter, New York November 6th 2022 […]

Accelerating Actions to Keep 1.5°C on the Table

Image source: Infographic by Energy Transitions Commission. Biggest opportunities are stopping deforestation, transforming food production, reducing waste, green power and green industry. Original title : “Degree of Urgency: Accelerating Actions to Keep 1.5°C on the Table” November 2022 from Energy Transitions Commission The latest report by the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC), Degree of Urgency: Accelerating […]

Postcards from COP 27 part 2

Image: Vecteezy. COP27 is meeting on the land of a fallen civilisation. (Ed) Below excerpt from an email by Glen Klatovsky CEO of Climate Action Network Australia at COP27 1.5 pathways and progress made so far Substantial progress has been made on scenarios limiting temperature rise to 1.5°C by the end of this century, as […]

COP27: Australia still seen as a climate laggard, Albo still not going!

Charles hosts officials in Buckingham Palace ahead of COP27 The New Daily AAP Nov 5 UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has praised King Charles for his far-sighted leadership on tackling climate change as the monarch hosted a reception for politicians and business leaders ahead of the United Nations COP27 summit. Charles, 73, who has long […]

Do we really want to shut out the rest of humanity?

Australia’s secret pacts militarise global warming From John Menadue’s Pearls and Irritations By Erik Paul Nov 8, 2022 Australia’s secretive military pact with the US and UK (AUKUS) is an offensive Anglosphere war megamachine shield from growing human and political upheavals of global warming and expanding inequity in global governance. Climate change constitutes an existential […]

Postcards from COP 27

Image: Vecteezy. How appropriate that COP27 is meeting on the land of a fallen civilisation. (Ed) Below excerpt from an email by Glen Klatovsky CEO of Climate Action Network Australia at COP27 Carbon Trading The influence of the fossil fuel industry is already clear. In discussions about the future of carbon trading (under Article 6.4 […]

Life in a ‘degrowth’ economy, and why you might actually enjoy it

Image: Time to get off the economic growth train? Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock also below: A technologically advanced society is choosing to destroy itself. It’s both fascinating and horrifying to watch by Christopher Wright, Daniel Nyberg, Vanessa Bowden By Samuel Alexander Research fellow, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, The University of Melbourne in The Conversation October 2014 What does […]

30 trillion litres of rain in a day: is anything being done so we will have access to that come the next drought?

On our wettest days, stormclouds can dump 30 trillion litres of water across Australia Andrew King October 6 The Conversation Senior Lecturer in Climate Science, The University of Melbourne This week, rain has drenched almost all of Australia – even the arid interior. The heaviest falls have hit the continent’s southeast, where the huge deluge has just propelled […]

Victorian state election: Climate Voting guides are up!

Vote Earth Now: We endorse Vote Climate One as the best and easiest system available for the Victorian state election if you want to make your climate vote count. Their system allows you to assess who has the best track record of action on climate, not just their words. It also takes into account Australia’s […]

Climate change deniers still harboured and celebrated by right-wing CPAC.

Alan Jones told the CPAC audience that Australia was ‘signing an economic suicide note’ over climate change. Photograph: REX/Shutterstock The old men and the CPAC: conservatives regaled with tired tales of climate misinformation Graham Readfearn The Guardian Thu 6 Oct 2022 12.24 AEDT Climate science is a fraud, according to one speaker; renewable energy has […]

Foundation backed by Mike Cannon-Brookes invests $10m in bid to cut secondhand electric car cost

Good Car Company plans to run a batch-buy program that would source cars from Japan and the UK The Guardian Sam Whitehead, Anthony Broese van Groenou and Anton Vikstrom of the Good Car Company.Photograph: Miss Aura Photography Royce Kurmelovs @RoyceRk2 Thu 6 Oct 2022 12.40 AEDT A philanthropic foundation backed by Mike Cannon-Brookes has invested […]

An EV charging station every 12km? Fossil fuel subsidies could pay for that

Image: Getty images Rachel Williamson 7 October 2022 Renew Economy The $11.6 billion that Australia spent on fossil fuel subsidies last year could pay for an electric vehicle charging station every 12km on every major road in the country, says the Climate Council. Or it could replace 15,500 diesel buses – the whole public fleet […]

Do carbon offsets really work?

Image: The fees paid to offset emissions in relation to a purchase such as flights can go towards different projects such as tree planting. Source: SBS News 5 November 2022 By Aleisha Orr Source: SBS News HIGHLIGHTS The fees you pay to offset carbon go towards projects that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It’s […]

Help the NSW Environmental Protection Agency do the job we need from them.

Bushfire survivors just won a crucial case against the NSW environmental watchdog, putting other states on notice The Conversation.com Published: August 27, 2021 4.20pm AEST Laura Schuijers This week was another big one in the land of climate litigation. On Thursday, a New South Wales court compelled the state Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to take […]

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